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"It’s important for little girls to know not every story has to be a love story and for boys to know that soldiers aren’t the only ones to triumph in war."

-Guillermo del Toro (via writerofscreen)

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student: hey government can I have some money to go to university
uk government: sure here you go. you'll have to pay it back but only when you're earning £21,000+ a year, and if you don't pay it off after 30 years we'll just write it off, don't worry about it man
scottish government: nah man just go to uni we ain't gonna charge you
us government: no. you gotta pay it yourself. upfront. your parents have to save up from the moment you're born. good luck, loser.

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Just because a person is a good actor, doesn’t mean they’d be good in any role. 

But Meryl Streep though.



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Portrait of a Young Woman, Jean-Etienne Liotard 

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer 

#they look like theyve been having a chat about u and u just walked in

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Martin Freeman doesn’t raise his eyebrows. He lowers his hair.


Oh my God. 

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How to complete Snake.

How to complete Snake.

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my talents include stress eating and falling in love with people that will never love me back

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I’m so tired all the time now, probably because there’s so much to take in - moving to another country, spending all day long with people I met less than a week ago and there’s always something going on. Today I went to my first ever Premier League game with some of the guys here on Erasmus (Aston Villa - Arsenal) and then I spent the night at home drinking wine and listening to music with the two other girls in my house :) now it’s time to sleep, and tomorrow I will put my new £1 One Direction poster on my wall. Awesome, hahha.

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We went to a club yesterday, it was so much fun since we were a large group of people. Also, some guy asked me if I wanted cocaine. (I didn’t)

Happy Birthday Hermione Jean Granger (19 September, 1979)

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